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As of what age does your academy provide sailing training for children?

As of 16 years old.


During which days and time periods do your training programs take place?

Everday from 9 am until sunset, except for Mondays.


Until what time can I cancel a reservation?

Please do not forget to cancel until noon the day before your reservation date. Otherwise the lesson in question will be considered to have been given. For weekends, the cancellation period is 48 hours, otherwise the lesson will be marked as made.


Can a reservation be cancelled due to weather conditions?

In case of no wind or excessive wind circumstances, your reservation can be postponed to a later date, regarding which you will be informed.  


When do I get theoretic training?

Except for the corporate services, for which we may provide theoretic trainings at workplace to accomodate corporations, theoretic lessons are blended into practical trainings that take place on board.


Is there a limit to the number of students for your practical trainings?

Depending on the type of the program and the size of the boat, it varies from 1 to 6 students per boat.


What’s the minimum length of one lesson?

2 hours minimum for Blue 101 and 102 training programs, 3 hours minimum for Blue 201 and 202 training programs.


Can I rent your sailboats?

You can rent our sailboats accompanied by one of our instructors. Please look into our Miles Award Program.


What’s the time limit to complete the training program purchased?

Depends on the the program package, maximum period is 6 months.  


Can I join sailing races?

You can join a sailing race once you complete the corresponding trainings, at which point you may form your own team, which will be accompanied by one of our instructors or join one of the teams that we will form.


What type of payments do you accept?

Once you choose your training program, prior to your initial lesson, you may pay cash, make a transfer or use a credit card. Yapı Kredi World Card offer payment in two installments.


How should I get dressed for your training programs?

  • All season outfits, which consists of jackets and overalls (salopettes), are provided by our academy. However, please do not forget to wear a long sleeve thermal underwear for all seasons and a polar sweater to keep you warm during winter.
  • As foot wear, prefer tennis shoes or soft deck shoes with white sole. Shoes with black sole, stout leather or heels that damage floorings of boats are strictly unappropriate. Eventually, we advise you to buy a pair of sailing shoes. Thicks socks will keep your feet warm during winter.
  • To help you enjoy sailing, a pair of sailing gloves would be the primary gear that you will need, which you can purchase at our academy. Any other type of gloves will not provide the necessary protection due to salty water.


When coming to take a lesson, what should I bring with me?

  • A spare outfit
  • A pair of polarized sunglasses
  • Sun protection cream during summer, a cream for skin protection during winter
  • Lip balm for protection against the sun, the wind and the cold during winter
  • A sun cap for summer, a beanie or ski mask during winter
  • Thick socks during winter
  • A plastic bottle of water
  • Dried fruits or energy bars


What can I do to prevent sea sickness?

  • Avoid consuming fatty and acidic foods prior to training
  • Eat a light meal prior to training so that your stomach maintains a normal acidity level
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day
  • Avoid beverages with alcohol and caffeine
  • Try to avoid entering the cabin, as reducing your visibility will increase the possibility of sea sickness
  • Try to remain towards the back area of the boat, which is steadier


Is sailing a dangerous sport?

If practiced on well equiped sailboats accompanied by experienced instructors with necessary cautions taken, sailing is not dangerous at all.


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